3. The Defence Protocols

This page describes the protocols laid by Indian defence for every citizen to follow to protect the state and nation's health care system from crashing under a heavy load.

9 Defence Protocols to be followed by everyone living in Kerala to avoid a healthcare system crash that then risks everyone's lives.

In health care terms, this is quarantine protocol.

  1. Spread Corona War Strategy awareness down to the last person.

  2. Adopt COVID-19 hygiene by each individual.

  3. Cancel all social events and official gatherings.

  4. Strict implementation of screening, precautionary home/dedicated facility quarantine of Category B & C individuals and isolation of Category A persons

  5. Stop Foreign Travel, except for emergency cases.

  6. Discourage Domestic travel

  7. Those returning from leave abroad are being screened and are being quarantined at home even if they are asymptomatic.

  8. Social distancing is in place.

  9. The SOP for categorization of passengers/individuals is in the image below.

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